Sunday, April 21, 2013

Catnip for Heretics and Recovering Catholics: "The Island in the Tiber" by Edward A. Quigley

An engrossing suspense story set in a richly and authentically drawn modern-day Rome. It combines colorful characters, wit, and page-turning suspense with intriguing possibilities for the future of the Catholic church. Winding through the plot is a wealth of insider-information about the church's power structure, making the book both thought-provoking and fun to read: BEWARE: if you are a devout Catholic, this book will piss you off. If you are a "recovering Catholic" or just want a Church that recognizes that which has been kept in the closet, you will find a deeply thought-out road-map for what could be termed, "Vatican 3" by an author who has spent decades in Rome, grew up in the seminary, and has been an inspirational English teacher (the one you remember) for scores of students besides this one writing these words :) Congrats, Mr. Quigley, on a great novel, beautifully structured around the Holy Days culminating in Easter, and expertly written (NOTE: The author suffered a stroke, almost 15 years to this day, and had to re-learn how to write, starting with the alphabet, and "See Jack Run," and his daily persistence and passion has enabled him to write a work of this high caliber: for that alone, he should be regarded as an American hero and role-model... and a living refutation of all the talented but lazy "writers" who talk the walk, but don't sit down and pound out the word each day and every day). I salute you, Ed Quigley, and I know I'm not the only one. 4 stars, with a 5th star added for degree of difficulty.. In summary: A page-turning Vatican murder mystery "recovering Catholics" will love - shockingly timely. Homophobes, beware!


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