Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Anchoress of the Post-Christian Left

This WaPo profile of Maryscott O'Connor, my neighbor down the Boulevard in lovely Sherman Oaks (Shoaks to the homies), accurately captures the religious zeal and ideological rigidity of True Believers on The Angry Left.

If, like like the authors of "Why God Won't Go Away", you think that the religious impulse is neurological in nature (as evidenced by near-identical MRIs of the brains of chanting Buddhists, praying nuns, tongue-speaking Baptists, and LSD-tripping Alan Watts-disciples), it only makes sense that the brain-vacuum resulting from being Post-Christian will find a substitute to fill itself.

The Russians outlawed God, then made a Christ out of Lenin.

The postmodern, post-Christian Left has replaced the old-fashioned God (the one that "I hate you Daddy!" believes in) with the new-fashioned Gaiaism (the Eco-Religion) or with Activism (the Politico-Religion)....

What doesn't change is the mouth-foaming zealotry of the True Believers. Savonarola's got nothing on Maryscott. History repeating, as farce. Same coin, different side.


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