Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Bush Returns to Washington; 'Lions of Al-Qaeda' Pout, Shake Paws at Sky

President Bush returned from his surprise visit to Baghdad today, safe and sound, and no doubt leaving more than a few AQers scratching their beturbaned heads. From yesterday:

Al Qaeda Website Posts Bush Alert
June 13, 2006 11:51 AM
Sonia Gallego Reports:
A jihadist website, the same one which confirmed the death of Zarqawi, has posted an urgent alert that President Bush is in Iraq.

"The cursed Bush is in Iraq," the website says in Arabic. "By God's will, he will fall into the trap of the mujaheddin," the site says. 

Several postings in response to the initial one on the website include:

"May a tank shell cut him in two halves.  May the sky rain rockets to rid the whole world from the crimes of this pig."

"God ... make his end today by the hands of the lions of al Qaeda."

"God ... show us his killing today and make us celebrate his death the same way they celebrated the killing of Zarqawi."

File Under: Unanswered Prayers.


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