Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Man Hands

Yet another Al-Qaeda boy caught in a fetching burkha.

When they're not hiding behind women and children, they're dressing like them.

The Left rants about Rummy ignoring the Geneva Conventions. What they mean is the 3rd Geneva Convention. But what they blindly ignore is the 4th, which is the one designed to protect civilians from what results when fighters disguise themselves as civilians (as in, every member of Hamas, Hezb'allah, and Al-Qaeda).

In previous wars, fighters caught pretending to be civilians were shot on sight on the battlefield, without trial.

But that was back when people still were aware of the lessons of history, like the lesson of the battle of Syracuse, as taught by Thucydides...

Try to remember it... it was long, long ago, before the advent of postmodernism... when the hard-wrought knowledge of human nature was considered wisdom and not Eurocentrism.


Blogger Czarmangis said...

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Huffzbullah really hates it and I was wondering how the good guys feel about it.

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