Friday, September 29, 2006

Disproportionate Response

Here's a thought experiment.

If the above had happened in America -- and surely something very similar has at some point -- to which political parties do you think the subjects in the video would belong, if they could vote at all?

I still can't understand why that mean man doing all the punching didn't try to reason with those other two gentlemen -- who no doubt have been forced into their actions by an oppressive society that gives them no recourse to making a living other than crime -- nor to understand them. He's a regular Hitler!

(Which reminds me... speaking of Hitler...)

After all, as one wise "progressive" once said, when discussing the Mike Wallace interview with Ahmadinjihad...

Look dude, here's my take:

I didn't watch the interview on 60 Minutes, didn't
watch the hourlong unedited interview on CSPAN (though
I heartily support that practice and think that it's
the future of journalism), and furthermore I don't
endorse interviewing the guy, in the same way I
wouldn't endorse devoting an hour to the Speaker of
the House of Chad (if there is such a thing). He's a
loudmouth who glories in making idle threats, when in
fact, as I've said over and over again to you, he is
not the first, second, third or even fourth in command
of the Iranian government. You've tried very hard to
make him the second coming of Idi Amin, Mobutu, Pol
Pot and Saddam all in one, but the fact is that the
mullahs control the government and the President
doesn't even control the armed forces. So I don't
agree with interviewing and giving a substantial
platform to a guy who wields imaginary power at best.
Furthermore, a polemicist is going to be a polemicist,
and so there's no reason whatsoever to listen to him,
but every reason to follow and guage the actions of
the country to determine how best to respond. Of
course, actually talking to them would enhance this
process, as we have talked to and negotiated with
enemies over the last 230 years of the republic in
order to solve foreign policy issues.

I suppose that means I'm making excuses for somebody.

So you wake up and pay attention to something that
matters rather than irrelevant interviews with
powerless blowhards.

Such a wise man. I myself had forgotten what a joyous, loving, understanding, and thoroughly peaceful experience it's been for our Republic for lo' the last 230 years. My bad!


Blogger dday said...

Honestly, what a slimy maneuver this is.

Deciding to post personal emails to give yourself an imagined, contextless victory in the rhetorical war you're waging in your head. Funny that you never bothered to respond directly to me this way. Oh, right, we're not supposed to talk to our enemies, got it.

Nice personal skills. Go run for Congress, why don't you, I hear there's an opening in Florida's 16th District.

2:20 PM  
Blogger wordwarp said...

speaking of publishing personal details from emails, consider that payback for the psychotropic drugs comment you left here.

Seriously, that was most of the most foolish things I've ever read, and made me decide that I didn't want to spend another breath trying to change your mind about anything.

And so it ends. Let's just drop it.

2:30 PM  

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