Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Israel Announces "THOR" - Laser IED Killer

Israel Develops Laser to Destroy Roadside Bombs

The Israeli Armament Development Authority (Rafael) has developed a laser system to diffuse destroy roadside bombs, which have killed hundreds of US and Israeli soldiers in Iraq and Lebanon.

Rafael, together with American defense contractor General Dynamics have produced and deployed the system, which is called Thor. It uses the concentrated energy of a high-powered laser to clear unexploded bombs and improvised explosive devices.

"The directed energy from the laser may also be used to ignite combustible materials, as a standoff cutting torch, and for other combat purposes {Like reducing the overall total height of a jihadi by a factor of approximately one-half - ed.}," General Dynamics said in a statement about the project ahead of US moves to purchase and deploy the system in its army.


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