Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Kerry Smart

Great stuff from the inimitable mind of Scott Ott, who I am proud to call a friend. Last time I looked, this video was #16 with a bullet on youtube.

UPDATE: here's the new stats on "Kerry Smart." Congrats, Scott. Not a bad morning's work. Now just do it again tomorrow... heh.
Honors for This Video:
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#13 - Top Favorites (Today) - News & Blogs - English

Occam's Razor applies to the Kerry gaffe: Lurch has stated that he "botched the joke." Okay, well, what's the actual joke then? What is the correct wording of it? What? You don't know?

Conclusion: unless and until Kerry supplies the supposed joke in its correct wording, I can only conclude that he is lying in saying he mis-spoke, that his apology is insincere, and that the "botched" version reflects his actual sentiments accurately.

Update: Charles Johnson's visual composite of Kerry's "botched joke" and "actual joke allegedly written before the press rally, but sure looks like retroactive engineering performed by a room full of highly verbal people with a LOT to lose if Kerry becomes persona non grata in his own party...actually, he already qualifies for that term just on the basis of the withdrawn speaking/campaigning invitations yesterday and today...", has now been added for your viewing pleasure. Note Charles' comment that the NY Times only bothered to print the "original" joke without quoting what Kerry actually said. A friend in need, is a friend indeed.


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