Thursday, December 07, 2006

Dear PPM14:

If Bummer Dietz at Scylla Charybdis can refer to his reading audience as "The B23" (his approximated number of faithful followers, though, in fact, he's had over 250K unique visitors), surely I can refer to the 14 people who checked in on this blog today, after literally weeks of blog-stagnation and almost no posting, as the PPM14.


Sorry to have been so negligent in my blogging. I have been busy, to understate. In fact, on the advice of phone calls from four separate people, who may or may have not been conspiring behind my back, I've taken the last day and a half off of work, and plan to do almost no more work until Sunday, when I will light the afterburners and make the final big push on one of the projects responsibile for a long string of 18 hour days without break that has been going on for over a month now.

The work has yielded fruit. I signed a new syndication deal with the syndicate who distributes the daily newspaper puzzle I've written (or, well, Loy or Josh or me has written) for the last 11 years, and it looks like this new one is going to perform much better than ye olde faithful. There's a book and calendar deal coming out of it, as well as a TV production and possibly one more media that I can't talk about quite yet.

I've been writing the patent, copywrite, and trademark applications that apply to the new game, and one of them, one of the patent claims, is startling even to me, a grizzled, cynical old ad guy, in its potential for being a "game-changer."

The second of the three major projects that I'm so stupidly charging along on all simulaneously, could bear serious fruit too.

As could the third, which involves turning one of the blogosphere's funniest and most well liked bloggers into a national radio personality via the use of bloggerleverage(tm).

If all goes well, getting fired from Warner Bros. may be the best thing that ever happened to me, but I've drunk flat champagne from too many prematurely popped corks in my day to start celebrating yet.

But, perhaps, soon.

In the meanwhile, please browse though the PPM archives until I get into position to devote brainspace to this blog. There's some great stuff hiding in there. Enjoy.

Thanks for reading.



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