Thursday, January 18, 2007

Report: Taliban Spokesman Caught with Anthrax

No reason to worry. Both Michael Moore and Keith Olbermann have assured us that the War on Terror is fictitious.

Governor Suggests Taliban Spokesman Caught 'With Anthrax'

January 17, 2007 -- An Afghan governor today showed the media photographs of arrested Taliban spokesman Mohammad Hanif, claiming he had been picked up in a house containing packets of anthrax powder.

Gul Aghar Sherzai, governor of Nangarhar Province, where Hanif was arrested late on January 15, did not say how it had been proven the powder was the deadly anthrax bacteria or what quantity had been found.

Intelligence officials and police did not confirm the discovery of anthrax.


Everyone knows that Agence France-Presse is in Bush's pocket, so this is clearly propaganda from Chimpy McHitlerburton. A spokesman for the Taliban would in all likelihood never do such a thing: their last spokesman was deemed such a good citizen that he was accepted to Yale University, after all.

Wait a minute! Yale??? That's where Chimpy went to college! I smell a conspiracy!

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