Friday, March 30, 2007

Welcome Aboard. My Name is Vinnie Carborino and I'll Be Your Captain Today

Hollywood hypocrisy is in its fully upright and locked position as John Travolta stands on his personal runway and lectures the world about the dangers of releasing carbons into the atmosphere.

If you haven't watched, "The Great Global Warming Swindle," you should.

Stray thoughts on Global Warming, which is a topic so annoying in its sanctimony that I can barely stay in the room with myself as I make them.

1. There is no such thing as the Earth's "average temperature."

2. Warm is better than cold if "supporting life" is your criteria, cf. The Cambrian Era. Food is easier to grow, for example, in warm weather.

2a. The notion of aerosolising carbon could rightly be called the most ingenius fertilization program ever devised, as carbon is what's known to microscopic organisms at the very bottom of the food chain as, "food."

3. If you happen to hate mankind, and especially industrialization, Climate Change is just the thing to fill up the God-vacuum in your brain.

4. If you believe in the redistribution of wealth from rich to poor, Climate Change is a whiz-bang new weapon of fear for you to use to justify neat new taxes no one had thought of before.

5. If you're a scientist who doesn't toe the grant-getting party line on this issue, good luck finding a job, you heretical schmuck.

6. The value of my Prius went up by $4,000 bucks this week because they've stopped issuing the HOV carpool-lane stickers.

UPDATE: I'll give these two good old boys the final word on Global Warming.


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