Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Closest Urban Combat Footage from Iraq That You Will Probably See

Some thoughts on this too-real footage of what's going on in Iraq:

1) Democrat party-before-country propaganda to the contrary, we won the war in Iraq.

1a) Militarily, the War in Iraq was won within three weeks, when we had complete operational control of the country.

1b) Governmentally, the War in Iraq was won when citizens of that country dipped their fingers in purple ink, despite death threats for doing so, in order to vote for the first time for a new government.

1c) Spiritually, the War in Iraq was won during the THIRD national vote for a new governement, during which "the insurgent" Sunnis stood guard over Sunni polling to ensure that their faction was able to vote.

1d) Objectively, our goal of shutting down state-sponsored Islamic nuclear terrorism was realized within two weeks of Saddam being pulled out of his spider hole, when Muammar Qaddafi suddenly fessed up to running a nuclear bomb program, funded by the Saudis, staffed by 200 Iraqi scientists, and working with plans provided by Pakistan's AQ Khan (with immoral technical and operational supplies by our "allies" the French and Germans and our pals the Chinese. Where were the WMDs? They were IN a proxy program aimed at creating "the Islamic Bomb" whose sole intent was to destroy our ally, Israel, but perhaps one of our own cities too. We had vindication, in spades, when Muammar came clean, yet Democrats seem to have flushed that most important development right down the memory holes of their own understanding of what's happened in the ME in the last five years since 9/11.

2) Since the third popular vote, at which Sunni "insurgents" stood guard over Sunni voting places, we have been fighting a different war: a proxy war, funded, supplied, and strategized principally by Iran and Syria, who have a lot at stake (look at a map) in "the War in Iraq" being perceived as a failure -- perceived being the most important word there, since, by any objective definition, the reality is that the war has already been won.

2a) The Iraqi-nationalists we are fighting --- excluding the foreign AQ jihadis who have come into the country like roaches into a Roach Motel --- previously had employment as paid help for Saddam's Ba'athist party, fulfilling such bureaucratic functions as "defiler of women," "torturer of children," and "beheader of dissidents." These "men" have no job-market for their services anymore in the New Iraq.

2b) Scores are being settled for the million-plus deaths, rapes, and torturing of people that occured in Iraq during the last 30-years during Saddam's Ba'athist control of the country. Guess what: people don't forget WHO killed/maimed/tortured/raped their relatives, no matter how many years have elapsed, and human nature being what it is, the scores are being settled. To expect anything less than what we are seeing is a denial of the reality of human nature itself, and yet that is exactly how the Democrats are trying to position "the insurgent movement."

3) The party-before-country Democrats perceive all events in Iraq through the lens of Vietman -- what I have before called, "Sixties Arrested Development Syndrome" (SADS) and "Vietnam Expired Lens Prescription Disorder" (VELP). Iraq is not Vietnam, no matter how forcefully the D's try to make the square peg fit in the round hole.

4) Re-enlistment is at historic highs, because the sort of men you see in this video know that what they are trying to do is RIGHT and MORAL. Hectoring, subverting, wussy anti-Americans to the contrary, they know their cause is just.

5) Sixty years in the future, the middle east will be as transformed as Japan and Germany have been transformed in the last sixty years, and for the same reason: because the model for how societies can positively change remains the American ideal, and it remains so for a reason: because it is most in accord with the essential needs and aspirations of human nature itself. That concept may seem incomprehensible to American leftists who only seem to be able to perceive the imperfections in American society while being blind to the innumerable positive aspects that have made ours the most stable form of government and the most desirable place to live of any society on earth. To the sorts of childish idealists who represent the core of the over-40 years old part of the Democratic party (the younger ones can be forgiven because it's natural and normal to feel that the status quo is insufficient when you're a kid), the imperfections of the American model are only proof of its Evil, since anything less than Utopian perfection is Evil.

6) The American soldiers in Iraq are fighting the good fight, against bad men, and though simplistic that reduction may seem, the truth of it is obvious to anyone but ideologically blinded men.


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