Saturday, April 29, 2006

Emancipation of the Slaveways

Mickey Kaus writes about the decrease in traffic in L.A. since gas prices spiked here.

He is now able to drive from Eagle Rock to the beach in about 45 minutes, which is my memory of how long it took when I was living in Eagle Rock in 1985, assuming he means Malibu.

If he means Santa Monica, Yahoo maps estimates that trip as being only 23 minutes --which is also about what I remember the time being in 1985.

(Note: does this mean that Yahoo's map engine is 20 years out of date? Or maybe it, like double-breasted suits, just comes back into style after a sufficient period of time has lapsed.)

I also can attest. I went to a test-screening of my friend's new movie - just a rough cut, but looked great - but the weird thing was how empty the freeways were coming home. This may be meaningless to non-Angelenos, but I made it from Sony to my neighborhood in about 19 minutes, not speeding, at 6:30pm on a Thursday! Yahoo maps says it should take 17 minutes (in the past, I would have said, "Ha! Maybe on Sunday at 4:28am!").

Those gas prices seem to be having at least one positive effect. I would also suspect that there are less unlicensed and uninsured drivers on the road, because the price-difference probably hits them hardest.

Makes me happy I have a Prius, complete with Smug Certificates on all four corners.


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