Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Amazing Racist Goes Postal

The Amazing Racist is number one on iFilm's viral video list at the moment.

The guy is a POS, obviously, and I do not approve. I was pretty much stone-faced and frowning through the whole thing, but I'm ashamed to admit, I did laugh at the final "punchline."

To me, the strange thing about the video is that The Amazing Racist himself seems fairly bright and educated. That there is so much hostility towards illegals to drive someone who doesn't seem like a 78 IQ, knuckle-dragging KKKer to do something this hateful would have surprised me up until the last year or so.

What has changed? Well, I did notice he's driving a truck. Probably a working guy. Maybe an electrician. Maybe an unemployed electrician...

Bummer Dietz predicted that exactly this sort of thing would happen:

Imagine you're an electrician for a large company. Imagine every day your boss pulls into the parking lot, there are several hundred people along the driveway with signs begging the boss to fire you and hire one of them, for half your salary. And no health or retirement benefits. And 30% longer hours. And not a single person in that line has his electrical contractor's license. They are all illegal workers.

If you were subjected to that scenario, everyday, you would soon go postal. Or threaten your government to do something. Or, you might also just get fired. Welcome to the average work day of blue collar workers in Southern California. And elsewhere. [emphasis mine]

A scenario like that, I submit, is what made this man become The Amazing Racist.

Fame being what it is, I also think he probably will live to regret, and to pay for, his notoriety....


Anonymous raul sanchez said...

Reminds me of a guy who got mad at never having a seat on the crowded express bus to work. He started wearing a black sweatshirt over his shirt and a black ballcap that said "I.N.S." and carrying a clipboard. When the bus pulled up to the stop, he started waving both arms as if to "flag down" the bus. The number of people exiting the back door always opened up a seat for him.

8:00 PM  
Blogger dday said...

Dude, the Amazing Racist is Ari Shaffir. He's a Comedy Store regular and a commercial actor. And yes, he's quite the asshole, but this deep analysis is kind of undercut by the fact that he's a comic making a racist joke. Not funny, but I've never found him funny anyway.

I eagerly await your explaining to me what in Larry the Cable Guy's childhood makes him say "git 'er done."

p.s. I think it's quite obvious that he's a comic doing this for the joke of it (who knows, the Mexicans could have been a setup), but that's just me.

9:11 PM  
Blogger wordwarp said...

thanks. that does explain some of it. but. he's done two other videos since. both are just as hateful as this one. and if ALL of the "extras" in them are really that good of actors, I'd be shocked. I think this is his effort at comedy-trouve, and it's a sick one. I stand by my original assessment. The reason it's funny is because the problem is real - Bummer's analysis of what you might do if hundreds of guys were lining your office's driveway every morning with signs advertising that they would do your job for half the pay and no benefits is quite on the money. Convince me otherwise, "comedy" or not.

6:06 AM  

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