Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Thou Shalt Not Share

How to Share iTunes in Three Easy Steps:

Step 1: Download Hamachi and create a network.
Step 2. Turn 'Share my music' on in iTunes.
Step 3: Give your friends your network's password.

[UPDATE: A friend of mine called me to the mat on making this post public, since I seem to be encouraging the stealing of intellectual property, which, basically, is what the P2P networks have been rightfully accused of doing. I countered that this sort of "sharing," since it requires giving out your password to your network account, is really no different than giving someone the keys to your house and telling him its okay to drop by when you're not home and borrow some CDs off the shelf. He then countered by pointing out that someone could just set up a server with the music on it, distribute the password willynilly to anyone, and voila, instant Apple-crushing ad hoc P2P. He is right to be skeptical and pessimistic, of course, since essential human nature does not change, even though the technological circumstances do, and people will invariably game the system to steal.]


Blogger David said...

I’m not familiar with Hamachi, but why would this product work any differently than any other remote desktop control program? Also, iTunes has a network sharing function already built in where up to five users can listen to your library of music. The only difference is that you can’t download it. Hamachi doesn’t have to be limited to music. If you’re going to give someone a password to access your desktop they can take anything on it. All depends on what you have and what you’re willing to share.

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