Thursday, May 11, 2006

L.A.'s Most Wanted? You Bet!

Though there are many, many attractive people on Los Angeles' Most Wanted Felons, by far my favorite is this amoral yet adorabe French femme fatale.

Suspect deposited into her personal bank account two stolen and forged checks in the amount of $136,500.00. The suspect withdrew the funds prior to the discovery of the theft and fraud. The suspect is articulate and claims to work in fashion design. The suspect dresses in very expensive looking clothes and speaks with a French accent. The suspect speaks five languages fluently: English, French, Italian, Thai and Spanish. The suspect can also speak some Arabic. The suspect is known to frequent the following areas: The Fairfax District in Wilshire and Hollywood Areas; Hollywood; Ocean Front Walk in Pacific Area; and West Hollywood. Suspect is known to be in the company of Ilan Schachar, (Male, White 07-08-57) who currently has an outstanding warrant from the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department for 459 PC - Burglary.

(Also, after looking at the last names of everyone on the list, would it be bad to hypothesize that some immigrants are doing the crimes that Americans won't do anymore?)


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