Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Loose Lips

Bummer Dietz notes that the Los Angles Times is disclosing American troop movements on Page 1.

It's common knowledge that America's enemies have always gotten some of their best intelligence simply by reading our newspapers. "Anonymous" intelligence officials in the Pentagon seem to be happy to break their secrecy oaths and endanger national security and the lives of American soldiers to "get the truth out." How noble. How idealistic. How... what's that word? Treasonous.

"Ramadi is literally a bloody stalemate," the intelligence official said. "The governor is a prisoner in his own provincial capital building."An attack on Ramadi would force U.S. commanders to draw on significant manpower to clear out and then stabilize the region, as well as to prepare contingencies for any backlash.

"You can't do that and withdraw at the same time," said another military officer.

Read the whole disgusting thing.


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