Saturday, May 27, 2006

Powerline Accuses the Wrong Guy?

Someone using that the same IP as the person who threatened Charles,, identifies himself as "Dave" here, second to last entry at bottom of page.

Then, he gives his mobile number to a girl he's trying to hook up with in his trip to Bulgaria last year:

Posted on: 01 Sep 2005, 14:35
Posted by: Dave (
Subject: Emma & any one whos up for a laugh 2nd to 9th sep

Fancy meeting for a drink and laugh in sunny beach just txt us on [deleted-see below], just checked the 5 day forecast it's gonna be hot!!!

And here, he gives his age:

Posted on: 31 Aug 2005, 20:41
Posted by: Dave (
Subject: Emma

Yeah, we will see about that, drinking competition is on then. We've bought an apartment over there so were staying there. I'm 28 and my mate is 27, how old are you?

That was posted last year, making him 29 now.

And here, he tells her that he and his friend are flying out of Stansted Airport (45 minutes from London):

Posted on: 31 Aug 2005, 15:34
Posted by: dave (
Subject: Emma

we're flying from Stansted on 2nd, where you flying from? if on same flight we can get hammered, us london boys can't drink as much as you northen lasses..want to bet!!

So, assuming the same person is using the same IP address this year as last (and apologies to Dave who was using it as the time, if not): our anonymous friend at Reuters who gave his fake email as and looks forward to the day that Charles and his readers, including, uh, me, get their "throats slit" [may be] a 29-year old, male Reuters tech employee named Dave, who has varying interests, including microprocessors and building high-tech clocks....

He also seems to be interested in Indian food, at least according to this page, which also clearly indicates that the IP is coming from Sweden but belongs to Reuters Docklands Tech Centre in England - same as was the case with Charles' threat-email:
Fri May 5 15:33:23 2006
AS16050 Reuters Docklands resiliancy
MSIE 6.0
Today: 0
Ever: 2

And lo' and behold, Reuter's Dockland Tech Centre is the home of, started by the Reuters Foundation, as described thus:

What is AlertNet?
Reuters AlertNet is a humanitarian news network based around a popular website. It aims to keep relief professionals and the wider public up-to-date on humanitarian crises around the globe.

It was started in 1997 by Reuters Foundation - an educational and humanitarian trust..."

Several caveats and disclaimers. I am not saying [deleted] sent the email to Charles. I am not saying that the "Dave" who used the same IP as the one used to send Charles his email is [deleted]. I am even not saying that the "Dave" who used the same IP to flirt with girls about his impending trip to Bulgaria last year is the person using that IP this year.

But. I do think that Powerline needs to retract their statement that,
Charles was able to trace his IP address around the globe, and it quickly emerged that the miscreant was Inayat Bunglawala.
in their post entitled, "A Reuters Employee Threatens the Wrong Guy" there is more than a shadow of a doubt that Bungawala did any such thing.

{UPDATE: In the comments at LGF, Crosspatch points out that, "our people in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles all appear to be coming from that same single IP address in the SF Bay area. IP address doesn't mean squat except what network it's coming from."

A little more net-searching reveals as much. You can find Arun, and a Ayanami, and a Pedro, a Wipoosi (whose location he lists as Thailand), and a Terry all attached to the IP number used by the death-threatist. I am thus deleting one of the names I put forward as a possible user of that IP number, since there doesnt' seem to be any static attachment to any particular computer at Reuters, at least to our external eyes.}


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's entirely possible that whoever used that IP address 6 months ago is not the same guy who used it yesterday. It's also possible that there are several workstations hiding behind that same IP address in an office and that Dave had nothing to do with it.

What Charles from LGF did is trace the activity of a user who had an intense interest in both articles. It's also very possible that he has the wrong guy and just found a random screwball.

6:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah. it's possible it's a different guy. Now, let's move on to plausible.

My DHCP hasn't changed in 3 months. Not once.

It's the same asshole. And the fact it's the Guardian? Almost assures it.

2:16 PM  

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