Friday, July 07, 2006

MSNBC: "AHA!!! We Got You!!! Bush is a Lying Liar!!!"

This Just In from MSNBC: Bush is a Lying Liar Who Lies and Takes Money from Criminals!!!

WASHINGTON - The Secret Service on Friday revealed four more visits to the White House in 2001 by disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff, including one to see a domestic policy aide to Vice President Dick Cheney.

A domestic policy advisor to Cheney??

Shah!!! Right!!! And how much do you want to bet that that certain "unnamed domestic policy advisor" to Cheney has an office with A SECRET PASSAGEWAY RIGHT INTO THE OVAL OFFICE ITSELF!!!

But wait: it gets even worse!!!

One log entry indicates Abramoff visited the White House residence on Dec. 10, 2001, for two hours, as part of a large holiday party.

The Secret Service entry for Abramoff’s name that day reads, “POTUS,” “WH,” “RESIDENCE,” and lists the number of people present as 326, according to the documents. POTUS refers to the president of the United States.

Damning!!! Damning, I say!!! Abramoff was there for a Christmas party, along with 365 other Zionazi Christhitler Illuminati accomplices??? Do the math, people!!! Assuming Bush spent an equal time of the two hours with each person at the party, Bush may have been bribed to the tune of ... (sound of adding machine) ... hmm, 120 minutes x 60 seconds... divided by 366 people yielding an average of 19.672 seconds per guest... 19.672 seconds with Abramoff!!! And that was more than enough time for Chimpy McHitlerburton to pocket MUCHO DINERO, assuming that Abramoff had them in neat bundles of of 100 bills x$100 per bill = Ten thousand dollars per bundle x one bundle per second x 19.672 seconds = $200,000 oil-blood-soaked-dollars, mi amigos! Repukelikkkans are all CRIMINALS, and this proves it!!!

Tell me more, you say!!! Okay, here's more of MSNBC's breathless report:

Abramoff’s other previously undisclosed trips to the White House complex in 2001 were on March 1 and May 17. Both were to meetings in the Old Executive Office Building adjacent to the White House.

Adjacent??? Why, that's practically NEXT DOOR!!!

Can you say, "FROGMARCH"??? I know you can.

Of course, Scrappleface was all over this story, months ago. Thank heavens everyone's not in on the coverup.

In a related story, MSNBC continues to show much improved ratings, beating The Knife Show in several markets during May sweeps this year.


Blogger dday said...

Your title mocks the "lying liar" aspect of the story. Your substance downplays, but does not challenge the plain fact that the White House previously disclosed two Abramoff trips, then turned around and revealed seven. I don't think the story is all that significant, and you're the only one who is suggesting "this proves Bush takes money from criminals," but this does show a deliberate attempt to minimize Abramoff's access to the WH. Which is understandable given his status as a convicted felon.

In other words, you're spinning like a top, and so fast I think you forgot what you're supposed to be spinning about. This reveals deliberate concealment, and you employ the Chewbacca defense to confuse the issue.

6:15 PM  

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