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Urinating, Hypmotized 8/16 Woman's Islamic Seduction and Love Letters to Guantanamo

Zombie scoops the world again, tracking down the online history of Cathy Mayo, whose in-air insanity and urination brought Logan Airport and the world to a halt on Wednesday.

Here Cathy (the Catheter?) describes how she was seduced by a Pakistani and was brainwashed learned about the beauty of the Religion of Peace from him:

I have come here by a long strange road. I met Junaid, a Pakistani man, on line before September 11. He is talking about marriage, so I need to get to know him better before I bring him into the US on a fiancé visa. He was refused a visitor visa to the US, so I have come here.

I have already lived through Ramadan, and Eid. I know a lot about his culture, for sure! But now I need to get to know the man. Instant Messenger works well for awhile, but we got to know each other so well that we were arguing all the time.

Seducing and brainwashing ugly girls is not exactly new to espionage.

Here's Cath's loveletter to the poor misunderstood murderers in Guantanamo:

This is all so depressing. I am trying to think of something to say that will give you a cheerful moment in your day. I would like your e-mail addresses, but I know of course that is impossible. I don’t want to talk about the world, because it is only going from bad to worse. The world is still here, all the continents and oceans, and that is good news.

For those of you who have been in Pakistan, I want to let you know about the latest developments. Smoking is now prohibited in public places. By ‘public places’ they don’t mean parks or sidewalks, they just mean inside public places. So I’m really not sure what they are talking about. The police are on a new campaign to get people to drive properly. Right now they are working on getting people to stop at stoplights on the other side of the pedestrian walkways. I think the next project is to forbid U turns, but I don’t know if they will ever get to that.

The rains have started. I guess that’s about it. Oh, and the whole of Pakistan was cut off from the Internet for about 12 hours. A major investigation is underway to figure out why that happened.

Cathy Mayo is an American journalist based in Pakistan

My earlier hypothesis about her odd behavior on that plane
is looking better and better.

UPDATE -- Zombie comments:

I'm getting more and more convinced that she really was involved with Pakistani extremists. Even if her seducer wasn't a jihadi to begin with, once the local al-Qaeda guys saw he had an American woman wrapped around his little finger, he was coerced into letting them get access to her.


This is my theory about Cathy Mayo:

She was sent on a dry run test flight to see if she was ready to do the real thing. Through the haze of her insanity and brainwashing, she realized she had a chance to escape from the influence of her Pakistani handlers, so in her own bizarre way, she tried to get caught. All her actions are the actions of an unbalanced person trying to get the authorities to arrest her, so she could be taken into (protective, in her mind) custody.

A man in a similar situation might have just punched someone in the nose. But Cathy Mayo resorted to dropping extreme "hints" that she was a danger. Peeing in the aisle was her way of saying, "Arrest me already, you idiots!"

Another UPDATE:

Cathy Mayo's brainwashed lunacy, in her own words:

Americans understand, deep down, that they have lost their freedom. They had it once, they remember what it was, but it is gone

by Catherine Mayo
22nd July 2003
The Daily Times (Pakistan)

Plato was the first person to think in words about what it would be like for a human being to be self-governing. His thoughts tended to go around in circles, because he was a man ahead of his time and he didn't have the words. His symbolism of the cave is good, because that is how he felt. He knew the possibility was there, in the dark, but he just couldn't see it.

Self-government is a discipline that we all take for granted now. It means action after careful consideration of our moral principles. It is hard to imagine how the cave man made decisions, because he didn't do anything unless he got the permission from someone else. It takes a long time for a human being to trust his own knowledge about the difference between good and bad. Confidence in our inner connection with God has to be taught to us as children, and we have to teach it to our children.

Americans now are feeling about the same way as their heroes, the troops in Baghdad. They are tired, confused and they see no end to their confusion. Ambushes happen every day, from any quarter, and they haven't figured out who the enemy is. They are putting out so many small brushfires on a daily basis that they don't have time to think things through and plan a strategy. Their leaders are no help, the president ran off to start a road map for peace between Israel and Palestine, and then did a comprehensive political tour of Africa. Now Bush is worried about Iran. North Korea, too, but mostly Iran. North Korea is building up a nuclear arsenal that it will sell to Iran for food, and then Iran will give the bombs to all of its terror groups so they can attack the US.

The decision-makers on the ground in Iraq are not faring any better. They are trying to decide who would be the best people to rule in Iraq in a council form of government, an idea they finally hit upon because they couldn't figure out how to start a democracy.

Like their troops, Americans are plagued by questions about why they are in Iraq. No WMD, no Al Qaeda, no regime change. But they can't admit this to themselves. Never in history has the US made such a bad mistake. Americans are wandering around in the dark, hoping that someone will provide an intelligent explanation soon.

But the moment has passed. They have gone back to the cave man way of thinking. They have forgotten that they know how to be self-governing.

I got a letter from a person in the US arguing that I was misinformed about a lot of things, and that I should remember what it is to be free. He didn't define what he meant by 'free'. I am free, I don't have to remember what it was like, I know it now. I am free to see the difference between right and wrong, and to do the right thing.

I have been trying to compile a definition of 'freedom' or what it means to Americans at present. To them, freedom means doing something about 9/11 so it will never happen again.

But it has not happened again. We are coming up to the second anniversary, and the horror of that day has not been repeated.

So let me try again. To Americans, at this moment in history, freedom means knowing that they can do anything they want, and it will always turn out right in the end. Freedom means believing something is true with such conviction that it is required to come true.

No, now I am not making sense. Americans understand, deep down, that they have lost their freedom. They had it once, they remember what it was, but it is gone.

Plato's ideas about the potential in every human being are written in a style that makes us smile when we read it. Plato had an interesting, off-beat sense of humour. Anyone who has hope, and confidence in himself, has a sense of humour. Even the Iraqis, looting the presidential palaces after the fall of Baghdad, had a sense of humour about themselves. They called themselves 'Ali Babas', and one would scold another to take back the carpet even while he was making off with the chandelier.

But Americans do not have a sense of humour anymore. This is the most telling characteristic now, the biggest cultural difference between them and the rest of the world. They can't laugh at a joke, they don't even understand it.

Cathy Mayo is an American journalist based in Pakistan

Yeah, she's "not making sense" alright...


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