Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bush: Evil, But Oh So Lucky

Over at Just One Minute, reader the Bumperstickerist recounts his explanation to a liberal friend as to why he voted for Bush. I can just add a couple things to his airtight logic.

I finally admitted to a liberal friend the obvious truth - I voted for Bush because he's both pure evil *and* the luckiest bastard on the face of the earth. I mean, seriously, look at just a couple key events:

Bush joins the Texas ANG - Kerry joins the Navy Reserves.

Bush completes TANG training for jets, flies jets, volunteers for Vietnam only to be told that the pilot skills he has aren't needed.
(Ed. also, Bush, despite being the biggest idiot on the planet, manages somehow to fly a jet airplane for 350 hours, making countless take-offs and landings, without somehow killing himself or crashing. Talk about LUCKY!!!)

Kerry joins the Swift Boats at time they were patrolling off coas - the duty changes to river patrolling, Kerry gets shot at by people intent on killing him and his crew. Kerry leaves by choice after three months.

Advantage: Bush

Bush skates through the last two years of his TANG duty, but does so with such foresight as to bury almost all traces of his duty record leaving only notes from a dental record exam

Kerry works as an admirals aide for the balance of his active duty stint - but manages to get caught on tape during a meeting where assassination is discussed, travels to Vietnam while on Reserve status to meet with the enemy, has his Silver Star citation ammended twice times, publishes an anti-war book that's later debunked.

Advantage: Bush

Bush: Sat for 6.5 minutes after hearing about the 9/11 attacks in a room with a bunch of kids, a teacher, and a camera crew.
(Ed. If you've seen the actual video -- not the Michael Moore "without-audio" version -- of Bush getting the news during the innovative reading lesson, you realize how lucky Bush was to realize the cameras were there and not do what he normally would do -- jump up and running screaming and crying from the room and thereby frightening the children and adding even more panic to the day -- and instead was forced to exhibit what some would even call poise while the teacher finished the short lesson and his secret service coordinated with Washington to implement an action plan. LUCKY!)

Kerry: Sat for an hour, stunned to the point of inaction, in a room full of adult elected officials with no camera present.

Advantage: Bush

Bush: Able to surround himself with a cadre of people able to engineer election fraud on a massive scale in Democratic-controlled precincts undetected, destroy two huge buildings in the middle of a major US city without any actual, you know, evidence left behind, destroy our basic Constitutional rights in pursuit of his neocon vision of a Unitary Executive and still have the energy to clear brush from his ranch while on vacation.

Kerry: Can't get the balloons to release on cue.

Advantage: Bush

There comes a point where you just marvel at the timing of events in favor of Bush and the way the Democrats clusterfcuk their way through life and decide 'fcuk it - Bush'

Seriously, if the Left can't defeat the Evil that is Bush, how the hell can they be trusted to defeat actual Evil?


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