Saturday, November 11, 2006

Separated At Birth?

Scrappleface has the scoop!

Bush to Dems: ‘Read My Lips, No New Taxes’
by Scott Ott

(2006-11-10) — President George Bush, in an effort to reassure conservatives that he won’t capitulate to every demand of the new majority in Congress, today told Democrat leaders at a White House luncheon that he would not allow them to roll back Republican-passed tax cuts, or impose any new taxes on the American people.

When asked directly by Sen. Harry Reid if he would cooperate in “generating new revenues to fund important social projects,” the president responded: “Read my lips — No new taxes.”

However, the White House issued a clarification, insisting the president had actually said, “Reid, my lips know new Texans,” indicating that he had kissed a lot of babies on the campaign trail in his home state.

Read the whole thing. It just keeps getting funnier. Good ol' Scrappleface...


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