Friday, January 19, 2007

Attention Actors: Meet Your New Digital Replacements

Three of my favorite memes in this one hypnotically awesome video: 1) Beauty is actually averageness: all facial features are "just right" mathematically... therefore the person possessing them is the safest conduit for passing down your genes by having children with them, therefore, they are sexually attractive -- millions of years of evolution has made this process hard-wired into our brains. 2) The hyper-real will continue to replace the real because it is "more real than real" and thus better. 3) Making the sexy-time with virtual fantasy creations is going to totally rock, dude.

If anyone out there knows Tom Hanks' email address..... might be a good idea to send this link along to him for a laugh.

Note to self: adjust facial fullness from fleshy to thin.


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