Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Open-Source Movie Unfolds

The Web 2.0 devours its next victim, the Hollywood Studio System, with a feature film funded, developed, and to be distributed on the web. The movie, called, "The Unfold," is still open to the web-public who wish to participate in the project by becoming "angel" producers -- at a cost of about fifty bucks each. As you would expect, they are doing it with Creative Commons licensing.

The aim of the project is to create a UKP 1million ($1.95M) feature film and give it away to over 1 million people using the Internet and a global community of “angels”, each of whom pay £25 (approx $47) to join the project, and in return get to have a say on all aspects of the creative process, access exclusive content, and even become part of the film crew.

Here’s a breakdown of each phase:

1. Proof of concept. 100 members only. COMPLETE. Develop online presence.

2. Early Development. 1000 members. COMPLETE. Script and visual development for 2 scripts. Production of teaser and promotional material. Begin user-generated content initiatives.

3. Advanced development. Open to 5000 members. Produce trailer and documentary material. Finalise scripts and complete development.

4. Pre-production. Open to 25,000 members. Vote to greenlight 1 script. Scout locations, choose cast and crew, plan production.

5. Filming. Open to 50,000 members. Production, post-production, distribution, creation of member-only products.


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